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2018 YEARS 2018

Trial Electronic Turn (EBB) products

The second and third 4-axis EPB production lines are put into use

The main product guide column won the "2017 Zhenjiang Specialized New Products"

Received “Excellent Supplier of 2017 in the South Tianhe Chassis System Co., Ltd.”

2017 YEARS 2017

Received "Jiangsu Province Enterprise Technology Center"

Multi-axis workshop won the "Zhenjiang Demonstration Intelligent Workshop"

The completion of the fourth phase of Hapy's plant

Passed the 14001 and 18001 system certification and obtained the certificate

EPB (CMA) project begins mass production

Won the "three-level enterprise of Zhenjiang safety production standardization"

Become a member of Zhenjiang Enterprise Information Association

Won the "2016 Best Collaboration Award"---Bethley

Received "2016 Long-Term Cooperation Award"---Bethley

EPB (CMA) project approved by Wandu

The first 4-axis EPB production line is put into use

2016 YEARS 2016

Won the "National High-tech Enterprise"

EPB project approved by Bethel and started mass production

Won the "Zhenjiang City Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise"

Won "Guyang Town 2015 Annual Safety Production Advanced Unit"

Won the "Zhenjiang City Contract-honoring and Credit-keeping Enterprise"

Won the "House of Model Workers in Zhenjiang City"

2015 YEARS 2015

Won the "private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province"

Won the "Jiangsu Province Two Chemical Integration Pilot Enterprise"

2014 YEARS 2014

Supply to TRW overseas factory

Acquired the outstanding supplier of Wuhu Bethel in 2013

Won the "Zhenjiang City Enterprise Technology Center"

Received "Zhenjiang City A-level tax credit rating"

2013 YEARS 2013

Won the "Zhejiang City Labor Relations Harmony Standard Enterprise"

2012 YEARS 2012

Acquired the outstanding supplier of Penghu Bethel in 2011

Hapy's Phase 3 R&D Building and Plant Completed

2010 YEARS 2010

The first 6-axis machining output rod multi-axis machine is put into use

Acquired the outstanding supplier of Wuhu Bethel in 2009

2009 YEARS 2009

The first 8-axis machining guide multi-axis machine was put into use

2008 YEARS 2008

Pass TS16949 certification and get the certificate

2007 YEARS 2007

Hapy's Phase 2 plant and office were completed

Supply to the Wandu (Beijing) factory

Become a TRW supplier

2005 YEARS 2005

Cold and cold workshop built and used

Pass ISO9000 and QS9000 certification and get the certificate

Supply to Bosch (Suzhou) factory

Supply to Wuhu Bethel

2004 YEARS 2004

Supply to Zhejiang Asia Pacific

Supply to Wandu (Harbin) Company

2003 YEARS 2003

Supply to Langfang Lucas

2002 YEARS 2002

Supply to American International Brake Company (IBI)

The company was established (June 13, 2002)